Friday, June 24, 2011


Hello friends and family!  Sorry this first post is EXTRA long!

Hi all J  I started this blog for those of you that have been wondering about the journey we’re on.  For those of you that don’t know, or those that may not know the full story, Sean and I decided to try to conceive in March 2010.  By the end of that year, we had discovered that there were problems with both of us that would make it difficult to conceive.  We decided to continue trying until March 2011 and at that point we would see a fertility specialist.  We found a great specialist at University hospital and tried three IUIs (Intrauterine Insemination). 

Meanwhile, we also began seriously discussing adoption in March.  Since our marriage began, I mentioned wanting to adopt internationally to Sean, but I thought this would be something we did further down the road after having biological children.  I would causally drop this into conversation with my husband, sometimes even picking a country at random, “When we adopt a baby from India…”

In March, after officially being diagnosed as infertile, Sean and I began to discuss the prospect of adoption sooner than later.  We began researching, stumbling upon a local agency that worked with Ethiopia.  It became clear right away that our baby would be from there.  It is hard to explain why we are so certain about this.  Oddly enough, we became aware of the requirements for the various countries after choosing this country.  We realized after, however, that this would be the best fit for us all around.

God calls on us all for different reasons. Sean and I have been blessed to be called to Ethiopia to adopt an orphan (or two – yes, we are requesting a sibling set as an option as well).  We are aware of the concerns that our loved ones may have: it is expensive, it is a long process, there is potential heartache, we will have a transracial family… and we accept all of this.  This is God’s plan, so no matter how hard it gets, we know that He will bless us with our beautiful child (or two) in the end.  I look at this infertility as a blessing, as it has helped us to realize we are ready for this adoption now instead of later.  Although some of that journey has been painful, I know God has a plan and I am grateful that we have gone through this.  I know we will feel the same about adoption.  Whenever we feel defeated we will call on God and one another, and just think of this beautiful child waiting for us.  God will only give us the child that is right for us when the time is right. 

I also feel it’s important to note that the adoption is NOT a replacement for a biological child.  At this point, I would be blessed and honored to welcome either into our home, but regardless of where this journey takes us next, we WILL be traveling to an Ethiopian orphanage and coming home with a bigger family sometime in our future.  What this means is that we will not actively stop trying to conceive, but we will be putting our energy and money into the adoption.  Because God is so good, our agency has just added a “concurrent family building plan” as a possible option if adopting from Ethiopia.  This means if we had a biological child we would still be allowed to remain in the program.  The only stipulation is that a biological child and adopted child be at least six months apart in age.  Our social worker will need to approve this application, but I am confident we meet the requirements and this means that all money raised toward the adoption will be used for this purpose no matter what happens.

Our agency is America World Adoption Agency.  We originally looked into a local agency, and although I read nothing but positive reviews it just did not feel right, and I have learned through this process that instincts are everything.  The local agency is not Hague accredited, and though that is not necessary for Ethiopia, a lot is changing in the world of Ethiopian adoption and America World just felt like the right fit.  On the night I was debating whether or not to use our money for IVF or Ethiopian adoption at this time, Sean brought in an informational packet from America World that I had forgotten I requested and its contents spoke to me.  God’s plan was laid out before me and I had never been so sure of anything in my life.  Although MOWCYA has made the decision to reduce the number of cases they see by 90% we are not deterred because this is what God has called us to do.

If you are interested in the process, come back and visit our blog, and if you’d like to help, visit (the link is provided on this page).  We get $5 toward every item to be used toward our adoption.