Friday, September 23, 2011

Small but significant ♥

We have our biometrics appointment!  This is it... approaching the final step.  After being fingerprinted, we will await our I-171H, get it notarized and SEND OUR DOSSIER TO ETHIOPIA!  Can you tell I'm excited?

But it gets better.  Just in case we forgot that God has this all planned out, our biometrics appointment is scheduled on NEOEA day, meaning neither Sean nor I have to take a day off of work.  What are the chances?  Not that we really need reminders that God is in control of this journey, but He lets the little things fall into place like this, and it really builds our faith. 

My birthday is November 13th, and I am pretty confident that on my 29th birthday, we will be on the official wait list for our child or children in Ethiopia. (yay!)

On a sidenote, I added a little to our orange nursery.  We chose this color because it is neutral.  If we bring home a baby girl, we will use pink accents, and we will use green for a baby boy.  Oh yeah, and it's my favorite color too... the only problem with the room was that one of the walls and connecting ceiling was completely falling apart and short of sanding and spackling, we are not exactly the handiest people; however, we also are trying not to spend money either.  My solution: plastic stackable bins that I ordered from  I even got free shipping for having them delivered to the store.  I hung them on the wall last weekend, and they completely covered the wrecked wall and ceiling.  A nice functionable, inexpensive solution:

After going to Hartville with my parents, we even got the first stuffed animals for the nursery:

love them ♥

Excited to be another step closer, excited to celebrate both my niece's and mom's birthdays this weekend, and excited to know that God continues to bless us with the little things...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

An I-600A kind of day

Yeah, that's right, we sent our I-600A to USCIS yesterday!  What an amazing feeling.  This is another HUGE milestone and also means our home study report was finalized and sent to us.  So hard to believe we have come this far.  As evidence, here is the daunting list of items we had to complete:

Sitting down and making all those tabs back in April was a little overwhelming, but now we are getting so close.  Next we will wait for our biometrics appointment, and once we are fingerprinted and processed, we will receive our I-171H.  Then, after having it notarized, we can SEND OUR DOSSIER TO ETHIOPIA!  I will be elated on this day :)  Yesterday we also took some other papers to get notarized and will then have to get them county and state certified.  I thought this was something that had to wait until we had our I-171H, but I was wrong.  So, hopefully this will be done before we are ready to send our dossier.

The only stress I have right now is that the notary noticed that sometimes we printed and signed our names with our middle initial and sometimes not.  Hopefully this won't be a major problem, but the Ethiopian government is very thorough and likes the signatures to match.  I should hear back from our family coordinator on Tuesday, and if this is a problem we will have to get some paperwork notarized again.  I'd prefer to be on the safe side, even if it is an extra hassle.

I hope everyone has a great labor day weekend.  We will be spending tonight at my 10 year high school reunion; however, we will also be praying for some special women out there.  Someone from the AWAA yahoo group came up with the "Labor of Love Prayer Weekend" and has encouraged us all to pray for the birth moms in Ethiopia for, as she puts it, "...their health and safety, for provision and peace. And most of all that they would know our Lord Jesus so that one day we may all be together again in God's glorious kingdom, as one beautiful family."  What a wonderful idea.  I hope you will all join in praying for these strong women who are sometimes forgotten during the adoption process. 

Thankful for all that we have :)