Sunday, October 30, 2011


Can you believe it?  Our dossier was sent to Ethiopia on Friday so we are OFFICIALLY WAITING!  This is day 3 of our wait, but who's counting?

Last Friday, October 21st, Sean and I decided to go to Chase Bank to get our last document notarized, besides our I171-H which hadn't come yet.  While on the way to meet Sean, I passed our mail-woman and thought about going back to make sure the I171-H hadn't come.  Then I talked myself out of it, since on Tuesday when I called they had said not to expect it for 7-10 business days.

But of course when I got home, it was in the mailbox!  I immediately scanned it, copied it and went back to Chase.  Then I spent Friday night and Saturday morning getting EVERYTHING together to send to America World.

I literally looked over everything at least six times.

Saturday morning, I fedexed everything to our agency in Virginia and got an email Monday saying everything had been looked over twice and looked great.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, it would be sent Friday. And no unforeseen circumstances must have come up because I got the email Friday congratulating me on my DTE date of 10/28/11 and also giving me the tracking number to track the progress of my dossier to Ethiopia - right now it is in Memphis.

So now we settle in for the wait.  Who knew I would ever look forward to waiting so much?

Our yahoo group also keeps an "unofficial" list of where everyone is in their wait.  This only includes members of our program that also belong to the yahoo group and have asked to be added to this list.  The list, however, contains 126 families, so it seems to have many, if not most, of the members.

Here are our "unofficial" numbers:
60 for an infant boy
73 for an infant girl
34 for twins or siblings under 4
9 for siblings that have an older child (over 4)
16 for a boy 19-47 months (though we are only requesting up to 36 months)
26 for a girl 19-47 months (though we are only requesting up to 36 months)

Now we just wait for the most important call of our lives... no big deal, right?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kickin it on East 9th Street

ONE MORE PAPER!  That is all we need before we can send our dossier to Ethiopia!  I cannot tell you how great it feels to write that...

Sean and I went to Cleveland yesterday and got our fingerprints for USCIS.  We were given a phone number to call on Monday or Tuesday to get an idea of how long it will take to receive that very important paper we need, but it seems to generally take between 2-4 weeks.  My goal is still to have that dossier in Ethiopia by my birthday, which is November 13th.

After being fingerprinted we stopped in a cafe for breakfast on East 9th street.

It was nice to sit there and relax, but it was also nice to know that one day we won't be able to relax because we will have a little one (or two) to keep us company...

After breakfast, which was excellent by the way,

we also stopped at a CVS to get an extra set of passport photos, which are needed for our dossier.  Then, on the way home, we stopped at a credit union that has a coin counter, which keeps 5% instead of the 8.9% Coinstar keeps.  We were able to keep $265, so that was a nice way to end our trip.

Soon I will be writing that our dossier has arrived in Ethiopia and that will be a GREAT GREAT GREAT day!  Until then, I will leave you with Hebrews 11:1, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sport your support :)

FamilyHope, Joy, Peace
It's time to promote our t-shirt fundraiser!  We would love your support.  The t-shirts really are great and there are six different designs from which you can choose.  You do have to choose one of the six designs (from our site) in order for us to get part of the profit though.  We are still really hoping and praying for siblings so we could use the extra help!


You can buy one for yourself or a family member - they even come in youth sizes so you can buy them for your kids!  They all feature an inspirational message related to finding orphans a forever family, so you'd be supporting a great cause.

We really appreciate anything you can do.  A little really does go a long way in this process...

Just a reminder that we are still running our coffee store as well.  And I know you can now purchase adapter pieces for you Keurig so you can brew ANY coffee as a k-cup!

Remember, as long as you purchase through our store, we will get $5 toward ANY item you purchase!  I am wearing my justlovecoffee t-shirt right now!  (and yes I am aware how much this is starting to sound like a cheesy commercial, so I will end now...)

Again, thanks for anything you are willing to do, and thanks for simply taking the time to read this post.