Saturday, February 18, 2012

Does D-O-N-E really spell done?

We are officially done completing and waiting for adoption paperwork.  Wow!  We started all of this almost one year ago. In some ways that year flew by, while in other ways it seems to have taken forever!

Our home study was actually approved January 3rd, though we didn't find out until a couple weeks ago. I am not sure why, but at this point it doesn't matter.  Now we search and wait.  Our agency has submitted our home study for many sibling sets and individual girls in the U.S. and we wait to see if we're being considered.  As I've said before, there are many reasons why we may not even be considered, so this could be a long process.

On the international front, we are currently #65 in line for an infant boy, which is actually five spots farther down the list than when we were DTE in October. This occurs when a family not originally in our group adds their DTE date (since this list is "unofficial") or a family broadens their age or gender request. We are #68 for an infant girl, which is actually five spots closer than in October - yay! We are #33 for twins or siblings under 4 (one spot closer) and #12 for siblings that have one older child over 4 (three spots farther).  Finally, we are #17 for a boy 19-36 months (one spot farther) and #28 for a girl 19-26 months (two spots farther).

If we hadn't been approved for concurrent adoption, those numbers would be pretty discouraging, but we recently had the most referrals in a week that I've witnessed since I've been accepted into our agency's adoption group. I have to believe there will be movement.

And Ethiopia is never far from our minds. We recently celebrated Valentine's Day in Pittsburgh and had dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant called Abay Ethiopian Cuisine:
We enjoyed it, though it is definitely trendier and doesn't have the same ambiance or appeal as the Ethiopian restaurant we went to in Cleveland. Some people may like that better, but I preferred sitting in a hut!

Also, you may have noticed the "tickers" on the right side of this blog, counting the wait time for both adoptions.  Hopefully someday soon one of them will stop ticking.

And if not, that's okay too, because it really isn't about us anymore:
"Adoption is not about finding children for families, it's about finding families for children." 
- Joyce Maguire Pavao